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Long Live the Hart: A Hart of Dixie Podcast

Jul 15, 2019

Do y'all think Zoe is Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Christine is joined by Bryna Kramer (Meet Us at Molly's Podcast, Talk Nerdy with Us) to defend George and Zoe's romantic potential in this very special episode of LLTH! 

When Zoe finds out that Wade is married, she realizes that there truly are no single men in Bluebell, so she does what any other woman would do in her position - she stands up a nice vet. (And we know him from SOMEWHERE... what do we know him from?)

Break out your topical flashcards and let's dive into all of the reasons why we still think George and Zoe should've had SOMETHING in terms of romance, why Zoe could have been successful on Tinder, and Christine wants to know who the big Troop Beverly Hills fan is in Bluebell. 

Can someone call an adult? Where's Brick Breeland when you need him to ruin some sexual tension?

Listen now and head over to @HartOfDixiePod on twitter and let's chat!