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Long Live the Hart: A Hart of Dixie Podcast

Nov 20, 2020

Y'all, the day we never imagined is here...

Hart of Dixie is leaving Netflix on 12/15! 

While this doesn't change THIS podcast, it DOES change that we can't just turn it on and binge it at any time. So while the obvious answer is "What the entire show a million times before it's gone!" you may not have the time to do...

Nov 13, 2020

Everyone knows you don't sit on Fire Ant Rock! 

I welcome Matt back again to talk about, "Friends in Low Places," why Joel is actually the perfect man, how the Rammer Jammer serves their grits, the brilliant way the writers have packed away OG Lemon, what the Meatball actually is, and more!

Our cat is climbing the...

Nov 6, 2020

It's the Season THREE Premiere, y'all!

We're welcoming Joel to Bluebell, finding out how George spent his summer vacation, trying to figure out who's squeezing Lemon, and getting ready for all of the GOOOOOOD Zoe and Wade angst! 

We're also playing a new game of "How to Hide a Bump" and 2020 Christine interviews 2013...

Oct 30, 2020

It's the Season 2 finale, y'all! 

After a long journey to get here, Christine is joined by Matt to talk about alligator heists, out of place love confessions, f*ckin' Jonah Breeland, why it should have been George at that wedding in New York, and OMG... did you hear that GLORIANA is in this episode of Hart of...

Sep 30, 2020

OMG y'all! It's the 9th & 10th Grade Prom! 

Christine is joined by Shadia Omer (Guilt-Free TV Podcast), Bryna Kramer & Gina Zippilli (Meet Us at Molly's) to celebrate prom, talk about adventures in online dating, and talk about the final episode of Season 2 before the big finale!

Don't forget to join the conversation on...