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Long Live the Hart: A Hart of Dixie Podcast

Mar 13, 2020

Friends, we're all a little on edge. No one is sure whether or not to stay in or go out. To quarantine or not to quarantine. 

A lot of us are staying home, trying our best to stay healthy. 

So Matt and I decided that this week it would be fun to watch an episode of Hart of Dixie together!

Let's get together (virtually) and watch "Lovesick Blues" (S2E13) AKA: The One Where Zoe Quarantines Bluebell because of the flu!

Press play when we do, and listen to our commentary. Matt's a big fan of Lavon's wardrobe. Christine tries not to get too political. And why the heck do all of Annabeth's dresses look like different La Croix cans? 

Watch along with us! (And don't worry - "Sparks Fly" with Tamar Barbash is coming next week! And there WILL be a full episode for "Lovesick Blues" when it comes up in real time!)

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Link to our Hart of Dixie "Rammer Jams" Spotify Playlist: