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Long Live the Hart: A Hart of Dixie Podcast

Aug 5, 2019

Are you thirsty for some gumbros? 

That doesn't mean anything to you now, but after you listen, it's bound to become the hashtag of the episode.

Christine is joined again this week by her husband, Matt, who she's finally convinced to continue watching Hart of Dixie. She's checking in to see what he likes about the show so far.

Is Lavon really lazy in this episode? Why are the Belles being so bitchy about a nice, refined party? Why won't Zoe just share her crunchy bagel things with Lavon? Would Wade have bullied George in high school? We're talking about all of that and more this week!

Find the show @HartOfDixiePod on Twitter, longlivethehartpod on Instagram and to share your thoughts! Can't wait to hear from you!

UPDATED THIS WEEK! Link to Hart of Dixie Rammer Jams Season 1 on Spotify: