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Long Live the Hart: A Hart of Dixie Podcast

Apr 6, 2019

Welcome to Long Live the Hart: A Hart of Dixie Podcast! 

Join Christine (The Shipping Room) as she re-watches Hart of Dixie and talks about every episode. 

In this episode, Christine shares why she wanted to do this podcast and breaks down the events of S1E1: Pilot. 

Is Zoe the worst? Who is the episode MVP? Team George or Team Wade? Could Lemon be the master of mental warfare? And where exactly IS that bus going?!

Plus, check in on the state of Zoe's heart in this week's HART WATCH, and find out which Bluebell residents have been cast in new potential pilots for the fall season! 

Come find Christine on Twitter to talk more about the pilot @HartOfDixiePod or on Instagram @LongLiveTheHartPod! Let's talk more about the episode together!